Matoka Matsuwa

Where to start on Matoka’s corner?

The movies! Obviously.

A statue, minute, but meaningful. An oscar moment; for now outside of the Oscars

as pictured here, is really what Matoka is all about.

He is the yin in these edits or pages, to my yang. Where I am the non-professional,

Matoka is the professional creative,  the editor-in-creativity.

Where I am stretching influences, here-and-there, piecing together, he is gathered

and it all boils down to his one main story and that is film. 

Writing for it, photographing for it, filming for it.

If it can be written or thought, it can be filmed” Stanley Kubrick.

Here are his stories to tell.


If it can be written or thought, it can be filmed”

Stanley Kubrick

Ebun Ajayi

As your editor-in-only-good vibes, it feels appropriate

that we make me the centre and also beginning of

these pages and also so many other things. I think what

I am trying to say is that I should start. And truly this

does start here, you with me.

In the About section, you will find out all about who we

are and about how all this, which might feel like the

beginnings of your usual online lifestyle blog but is really

the beginnings of fresh stories, fresh voices, just waiting

to be squeezed (see amazing juice reference).

I am the non-writer of all the writers that you will come

to find here. And that About section also has a lot about me

if you have any time for it. But in true form to the real-life

and good-vibes storytelling on here, here are my stories to tell.