Grace, a girl or an act of kindness

If I do actually manage to do this just right – talk about jinxing myself – this should come as the perfect complement to – finally – a post all about writing!

Well, my writing that is, which feels a lot like an unending pursuit of chasing literal gold (Geddit! Because writing is literary!). Anyways we’ll come back to that one as one of two “get-to-know” me’s, as we throw down the foundations for the new phase for the blog.

But for now we’re back to basics, and by basic we mean not really basic more like complicated situation-ship. Because if ever there was a word that can have such deep and personal meaning whilst also seeming distant, and like a foreign language, then it’s Grace. The girl, or the act of kindness.

You know, it wasn’t quite any one thing that brought ‘Grace’ up to the surface for me, I mean sure I know a few girls who answer to that name in my life (as a card-carrying member of Feminist Inc.) but all this proves is there aren’ t enough girl names starting with G. And yes, we kind of slightly touched on how perfect love allows us to experience a covering, protection, a refuge, at church just a few days back.

But it took me clocking on to the simple truth of true kindness, for me to see Grace in a much clearer light. You know how life tries (more than tries) to throw you those little curveballs; and wait, just as you’re turning the bend on one curveball, *boom* another one, then another one, then another one. LIFE HAPPENS.

And for me in those situations, always at my weakest, there will be a wonderful word or a fun friend or just a new perspective that – I have no idea how it – finds me. And here is the trick, this sort of kindness is not quite the easy solution to my situation that I would have wanted, but it finds me, and it lifts me. Just like a wave.

The simple truth about true kindness is that it can take every and any form. And even with the experience of Grace that I have within the boundaries of my faith where it is this big and powerful vessel of acceptance and divine kindness, I know that in our every day we all experience the small doses of this, just when we need it the most.

And that’s it!

I always love doing these brief life-things with you, and I’m excited that they’re definitely here to stay, blog reshuffle or not.

What’s been your experience with Grace?




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Recipe Read: Spiced Black Beans and Callaloo With Coconut Rice and Plantain

This time, I am actually on here and ready to get down, and on time.

I found this recipe – below – yesterday after playing around on the particular food blog for a Tagine recipe that I was so very into. And which came out beautifully. But this second recipe that I am looking forward to trying (yes, future stuff guys, *whispers* don’t let us jinx it) is the perfect summer complement for the season.

I’ll be doing this much more often to bring together a developing lifestyle section on here that will definitely include food.

And if you’re wondering what a part-time trying-to-be-a-writer person, who has only one wok, has to say about food, it’s simply this: Not everyday dine out in the lap of luxury, some days just eat home and relax.

Bon Appetit,

Ebun, xxx

Recipe Read: Spiced Black Beans and Callaloo With Coconut Rice and Plantain