“Does your mother know you are here?”


The mother

As with most life journies, but somewhat especially exclusive to womanhood, a mother sits at the helm of it. Maybe just as a birth canal, but often as plenty more. Nurturer, guide, support, inspiration, influence; it has been in my looking to my mother somewhat partial that this first part was birthed.

“… and I lay down in Motherhood’s bed, the bed I had made
but could not sleep in, for I was called at once to work
in the factory of Motherhood. The owl shift,
the graveyard shift. Feedingcleaninglovingfeeding.”

Republic of Motherhood, Liz Berry

The girl

I’m sure this history is mostly forgotten, but we choose to remember. Sitting to recall the previous years past versions of myself, I see the boundlessness of my girlhood and a spirit to dream up the entire future ahead. Because really what fascinates us in our pasts, or perhaps just me, was the future that I hadn’t yet seen.

The woman

Feminist. Of-course.

To feminist or not to feminist is still a surprisingly charged topic.

Never mind that the word feels like a by-word for ‘woman’ today. But where ‘woman’ is effeminate, small, though not necessarily less we’ve been long informed of our economic value to society (not that everyone agrees yet) ‘feminist’ is still radical, not in action but apparently still in name

“With more power comes greater responsibility.”

Maybe a feminist

Now, the collective of women in our today and everyday knows; they know so much better not only of the tyrannies of a time gone past but the actual possibility of solutions to this. And the majority of women feel empowered enough to be a part of this. 

Armed with the numerous influences and inspirations on the womanhood journey from activist Zora Neale Hurston to today Reese Witherspoon who has remained a great actress and undiluted social media fun through the times.

This is most likely the new agency of the woman today, the widening of this influence pool, so any and every woman can be their own type of feminist.

What we’re reading this time;

In search of Equilibrium, Theresa Lola

Lean-in (graduate edition), Sheryl Sandberg

Big Little Lies (so this isn’t a read but about Reese Witherspoon), Liane Moriarty

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