If there was a more apt popular culture reference of our times it would really be this “Sorry to the Man” for the surprising wins in popular culture.

Unfortunately, to rebalance the scales on a less classically cultural note are the more basic aspects of our life today.

Within a few reels of news or media coverage what would be pretty obvious to anyone today is that the push of social technologies of the last few decades are here to stay.

A push we can see in the advent of highly viral phrases like “Sorry to the Man”, “Rise and Shine”, but also the newly viral TikTok driving the pace of what becomes popular culture.

But seriously just what exactly is a Tik Tok? And why is it everywhere?

Today, Tik Tok is becoming a part of a movement of people as self-drivers of culture.

After what has been decades spent on being monolith, unilateral, gender conforming; everyday people are taking to the stage, and doing so wherever they are socially encouraged to and I am here for it all. With what has been especially exciting being how diverse the cast has been on who captures audiences hearts and minds.

For, Tik Tok, its viral ability is hidden in timely 1 minute clips, and I am pretty convinced it is here to stay (Or be bought up by Google).

And for us, the everyday people we’re so easily hooked on all things temporary and socially trend driven, case in-point Team Lauren & Cameron over on the dating series Love is Blind (Yes, me too, not that ‘metoo’)

Hoping that things soon return to normal though for the world especially now much loved Italia, so we may all go back to a life of just “Keep Calm, and Tik Tok.

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