With Festival de San Remo just gone by, I come bearing other gifts of what Milan has to offer via way of the guys @airbnb.

Well Rome, or any other city in-fact could never have been built in a day?

If you follow my personal gram, it may or may not have been forcefully shoved in-front of your feed that I am thoroughly enjoying some time in Milan, strutting the streets in the ankle boots, perfectly seasonally wardrobe and delightful Pizzas that are the norm here.

I’ve also this week, just yesterday (Surprise! Your girl is on a functioning writing schedule now.) come across an Op-ed in the New York Times; it was a story on some of the more nuanced experiences of black women travellers in the great city of Milan. This was all written, with the added layer of romance which the Italians know best *wink wink*.

So this isn’t that, and that wonderful Op-ed is here for you to have a read of an observant and socially aware narrative of this city.

I am also plenty socially aware – on most days – however on this occasion, I choose to uphold the capitalist structures that make ultra modern platforms as this such a failsafe, especially in this case for the not-so-seasoned traveller.

I don’t mean to sound too much like a Gen-Z robot, repeating #facts ; but the recently launched Air B-n-B experiences as of 2018 are certainly newbie on the travel block however the platform offering specific locale guides has since proven to be a pretty sound city guide just for me and all the other less seasoned travellers out there.

Need we say more?

Yes, I do, just for context, I guess I do need to go over that iconic pasta eating scene in Disney classic The Lady and The Tramp? Everybody remembers this iconic pasta scene, so Italy and food, okay, great got it.

I may have dented my boots to bring you the very best of this because with food here, eating-in, or fine dining, multiple courses, pizza-on -the-go, you can’t possibly go wrong.

Nicoletta, Master Chef cooking

Giampolo & Elena, Navigli Dinner

Valentina & Marco, Organic dining

Ruth, Walking Tour

Luigi & Daniele, Off-the-beaten Path Tour

And that Tariro Mzezewa article for the New York Times

Say hey @itscherieby

Psssst; If you are from Milan and have other suggestions, please leave a comment below to help-a-friend-in-travel.

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