Lessons from UK weekly Stylist magazine Yara Shahidi guest- edited issues in Autumn 2019.

If you are super observant you might have noticed, we’ve only made a massive jump in leaving no.3 in the winds and moved on to no.4. But more of that after the jump-off! And swiftly moving on!

Bringing you wholesome good vibes and empowering narratives from this November issue of women’s weekly Stylist. I know, we’re plenty late on this, but between country moves and all that stuff, you might have noticed we are only just finding our footing back on the blog, with plenty of exciting new things coming. (see below, click, like, follow and all that good stuff)

And having the backing of good vibes, Yara and Stylist certainly helps in setting this precedent of taking activism and in general engaging with key issues more personally.

We think it was between the bookish (of-course, something for the readers) finds, and the women entrepreneurs behind Afrocenchix – London & Beauty-con – LA; that we found our key empowerment messages in some young activists paving the way for social change on varied issues as Gun Violence to Clean Water initiatives.

From Guinea, to the First nations of Canada, Artemisa Xakriaba, Autumn Peltier, Naomi Wadler, Young Girl Leaders of Guinea, Bana Alabed are the girls of these days.

Stylist Magazine is available in print on Thursdays and online @Stylist.co.uk

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