As your editor, it feels appropriate

that we meet at the beginning of CHERIEBY.

Sometime after wanting to be a dream doctor, a part time writer,

graduate economist, and now culture maven,

it’s been a lot of information to handle.

But now having the time, space,

and the privilege to be better connected all that information,

all those links to be made, well I figured it’d be a  little selfish

to keep it all for just “me”.

And on the topic of being selfish,

I’ve more recently found relationships to have been a valuable part

of how I’ve learnt and grown as a person

and whilst the rest of the Interviews on here

explore those links I’ve discovered in the business and other worlds,

I also have some fun with other relationships at my core; my family, my faith,

Beyonce even if she doesn’t know it.

Ebun Ajayi

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