Ebun Ajayi



As your editor-in-only-good vibes, it feels appropriate

that we make me the centre and also beginning of

these pages and also so many other things. I think what

I am trying to say is that I should start. And truly this

does start here, you with me.

In the About section, you will find out all about who we

are and about how all this, which might feel like the

beginnings of your usual online lifestyle blog but is really

the beginnings of fresh stories, fresh voices, just waiting

to be squeezed (see amazing juice reference).

I am the non-writer of all the writers that you will come

to find here. And that About section also has a lot about me

if you have any time for it. But in true form to the real-life

and good-vibes storytelling on here, here are my stories to tell.


  • The Girls Like me. - I was supposed to get this out yesterday. Not that I’m duty bound to; look at me, about to settle on another ramble on the writing process again. But you know a girl’s got to be present to represent (lol, how do I come up with these). But here we are, on our continuing journey […]
  • Good Vibes - Good Vibes Wondering where I’ve been these past few weeks? Do I even get to keep my #teamblogger badge without finessing the art of posting regularly and sharing all of the exciting things going on around me? Well, all of these are important questions for another day #clickbait. But for now, here’s a little reflective […]
  • To my favourite twenty-something - Wait. Is Solange in her twenties … 30? Oh great. In that case, with Solange Knowles my new patron saint of snatching emotional edges, firmly out of my millennial top spot, I can now reveal *drumroll please* that my – not so – little brother is, in fact, my favourite twenty-something. And he turns 23 […]
  • Jet Setter, Trend Setter - Oops. It seems I’ve forgotten to post in between the manic happenings surrounding planning another trip and the equally manic happenings surrounding visiting our latest travel destination : the well lived and loved capital city of Nigeria, Lagos. Yes, your mud trucking, wellington wearing, Beyoncé admiring, country gal is presently looking to sunnier city skies […]
  • Merry Christmas 2016 - And alas, we are finally here! Our much counted down seasonal celebrations all because of the birth of a babe in a manger somewhere in Bethlehem. (Bet you thought you guys were celebrating Santa’s existence today). I figured I’d share what is one of the most used bible verses as relates to the same Christian faith […]
  • The Obama Years (A personal Account) - So as I said we’re going a little different to convention for this post. Most similar to this is that Keeping up with the Joneses post, where it’s somewhat a personal subject and I get to expose a little more of myself. But where to start really? Well, until a year or so I have […]
  • Back so soon - Usually – you might not be able to tell this – a posting cycle for me will be filled with nail biting dread, does it sound right, did I say too much, how boring is this? But in the end, it always leaves me feeling so blessed you know. So blessed that I am now […]
  • A date with the family -     So I picked the one single day in which I can be uninhibited and selfish to share with my family; my parents, my brother, my aunties, my uncle, my cousins, and my twin/triplet/quadruplet sisters. And set a badass table with carefully handpicked ornaments and finishing touches sourced from all over. Why? I think […]

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