All things in fashion, trendy and chic winds up at fashion week.

I know you’ve just about heard enough about me living la vida loca in Bella Italia!

And whilst all of that is sadly at a close, cappuccino and cannoli and all, with my new fashion favourite Milan closing up to momentarily reset, it stills leaves us with plenty to mull over as fashion’s most travelled season has come and gone.

Whilst in Milan, I learnt the correct pronunciation for Muiccia Prada, and Moschino, and Bottega Veneta, two-thirds male, and one-third female household name brands, reflecting a closely similar male-dominating fashion world trend.

However much of this is changing and especially so in the decade or so, as more women head design in fashion houses today than ever before (it’s no longer all on you Phoebo Philo, thank goodness.)

And perhaps these shifts are what is causing the wider consciousness coming to the forefront in the fashion industry; sustainability, body-positivity.

Many of us still look to fashion as addressing some of our wants and needs, a slice of our little take on the world, and certainly more women here are key to this happening in a representative way.

I’ve recently picked up on Netflix’s ‘Next in Fashion’ starring Alexa Chung and Tan France!

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