anna bell, FLORIST growing a garden in Pudsey — HAS got something to show in this city. These are our pages bringing a distinctly cultural VIEW of exciting cities.


The friend of my friend is my friend, or so the saying goes, we met Anna’s fresh and wild peonies in the bakery of the guys at Porters House Cake and a quick email and then a phone call and we were kindly welcomed into her home, an oasis where all the wild berries and flowers are picked fresh out of the garden.

This was last year July mind you as we look back on a year well spent in this city of Leeds.

So the garden, well there was always just so many different paths that open up creatively in here. But coming from a physiotherapy background, there’s more fitting ways to envision giving back and encouraging healing and positivity using this space and flowers creatively.

It brings me joy to think to flowers starting out here in a garden, and brightening someone’s day outside of here. I consider flowers to be “That buzz of new life, you can give to other people”

[This all sounds fittingly loving and kind, in line with our themes back then. We were joining a book club love-a-thon then.]

Well there’s lots to love when we talk about flowers; and I feel like I love so many and not to bore you but specifically there’s the Hellebore, to that seed head on a Nigella, Fritillaria, Poppies and Scabious, all flowering beautifully in the summer.

BEING a florist ARTIST IN pudsey, and being around the block

There’s certainly plenty that meets the eyes around these parts of Yorkshire, you have countless swathes of natural skylines and just right around the corner of West Yorkshire there is the picturesque village of Robin Hoods Bay just on the coast of North Yorkshire. We have visited as a family for many years, not as much recently. I can easily picture the winding road from outside the village that leads straight down to the beachfront and over the cliff top of village houses. There’s only one direction to the path so the kids are always safe to play at a distance.

[Sounds like the holiday we can all eventually get back to having, and Anna predicted it all a year ago.]

food – HOMEMADE fat rascals

culture – robin hood’s bay

slogan – you can learn a new recipe

netflix biopic title — floss

TED TALK – “the buzz of new life”

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