Brand Stories – Veloretti

Veloretti – The Dutch Bicycle maker Founded in the Netherlands of course, the land of the lifestyle cyclist. I mean the national sport here is really the Olympics Velodome? Our meeting point with the brand really comes from a highly effective social media campaign over the summer months, I’m talking aesthetically well pitched as a […]

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Brand Stories – Penguin Random House

Penguin Random House – International Publishing Conglomerate The first home of Penguin Random House was in-fact in two places, Random House at Publishers Bertelsmann and Penguin Group at Publishers Pearson. A merger in 2013 brought them together. Technically as avid readers here we should be protesting such capitalisation of ideas and words … books, knowledge […]

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Edited by Ebun

Hi, I’m Ebun. one-time dream doctor, graduate economist, and now branding maven. I spend my time now mostly being your humble editor, in-fact I’m probably somewhere being humble.