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Just Pinned to City, Creatives, Cherieby: The Secrets We Kept is a much-anticipated debut novel from Lara Prescott, mostly because Knopf paid $2 million at auction in order to acquire the rights to publish the novel. It was also selected as Reese Witherspoon’s September 2019 book club pick. Post is from The Bibliofile. Share your thoughts at The Secrets We Kept!

What we’re doing?

It’s the end of September, the start of October and lots of other very obvious things which we won’t go into. But we’ve also hit a few spots in the Leeds (the wonderful, beautiful city of Emmerdale) that we think are worth sharing.

We’re adding on to our sharing stories on people’s stories that we love by adding more places we’ve discovered as havens around home and sometimes away from home.

1.Haute Dolci, Unit 20A The Light, The Headrow, Leeds LS1 8TL

2.Roundhay Park, Mansion Ln, Leeds LS8 2HH

3. The Yoga Space, 378 Meanwood Rd, Leeds LS7 2JF

4.The newest Pizza Express on 23 Merrion Way, Leeds LS2 8BT

NO.3, Dystopia

Problems tend to start small at first, little cracks in the fabric of what you would accept as just normal.

And then finally one large fell swoop of chaos.

All met with surprise and loud retreats of “we didn’t know it would be like this”, “we weren’t told”, “we hadn’t expected it”. Case in point, in recent times there’s the near Banking collapse of 2008, Brexit, Post-Obama America, Climate Change. 

But is this all inherent to human nature, life eventually falls apart (please be impressed by the careful imprint of Chinua Achebe in this sentence), or is there a silver lining at all?  I couldn’t help think Generation Z and whatever else comes next. 

Our most recent book club couldn’t decide on just how messy and complicated society feels today especially considering some of the terrifying trajectories of what the world could end up as. So we thought to inform ourselves a little on the fiction out there that seems to plot societies course in a close to real way sometimes.

Could China feel more Orwellian in light of the ongoing Hong Kong protests?

Okay, I think we’ve used up all our global affairs knowledge but you get the gist. You can beat us to it and read these titles on our book list for this latest theme;

1984, Geroge Orwell

The Power, Naomi Alderman

Vox, Christina Dalcher