Love Letters

Love Hurts

Love Heals


Love Hurts A daughter corrected by her mother and her feeling like does my mother love me? Does she want me to be happy? Does she want the best for me? All these thoughts come to us all. 

Love Heals A Mother or Father’s correction is not out of hate or them not wanting you to be happy. It is because they want the best for you. They want your light to shine so brightly that the world will be affected by it. A rebuke from your parents is out of love not hate. It builds character and puts you on the right path. 

That is what love is.  

Love Letters

Into the weekend, as we settle into this Love theme, we’ll be sharing one or two of our personal takes. Here is one of mine, in a love letter first to my little baby brother.

Today, I thought so profoundly of the genuine warmth of my brother.

It’s something he’d said.

He’d said it in that assured sense of someone who is younger having a perfect moment of clarity and sense, becomes aware and with great certainty that someone who is older has most likely lost either their ‘sense and/or clarity’. 

Like the wise-ass kid hitting you with the “Mum, if you talk back to grandpa all the time, doesn’t that mean I can too?”

Or more likely here “Ebun, you get what you put into a relationship”.

Whilst I have a million and one peculiarities to the way that I am so different from everyone else, my brother seems to have inherited the art of the perfect fit. 

Super cool even on a hot day. 

Super warm even to a haughtily annoyed sister. 

And I know this should go in a card or something, or a poem titled “An Ode to Realness”. 

Or some hate mail titled “I sound a little jealous of you”. 

Anyway, know that I love you. 

For your million and one assists as my little brother. 

Anyway, know that I love you.

And don’t think I’m a sucker for your man flu.

Anyway, know that I love you.

Because the world is a big, bad, beautiful place.

Anyway, know that I love you.

So there’s always me rooting for you.

Anyway, know that I love you.

Even where there are questions left unanswered

Anyway, know that I love you.

If all I really know enough to help you with is reading material.

Anyway, know that I love you.

It might not be all the money in the world.

Anyway, know that I love you.

Which if I had, I would totally give you.

Anyway, know that I love you.

As I don’t have all that, I guess I’ll give you more love?