Estee Lauder Companies – Beauty and Fragrances Parent Company

So where do we start with this world famous beauty brand?

It may be something in the water of New Yorkers the grit and the persona to really magnify a thing to immense proportions and this is pretty much the story of this brand, which started in very humble environs of Brooklyn, New York to now the rest of the world.

Boasting cult favourites, and a very early expansions of its beauty especially foundation lines to include a diverse and inclusive messaging + brand stories, the brand has been noticeably well adapted to keeping with the times. The mid-range to higher value products are also highly revered in floor space retail brand environments, but also instagram flat-lays.

This is a brand with the staying power to command a traditional consumer base, celebrity influence, but also a newer younger customer base through the quick thinking that snapping up competitor startup beauty brands under the radar is a sure-fire way to expand the Multinational Brand catalogue which is already extensive. Notably in the North American region where the brand originated perhaps keeping with values of a particular quality of luxury that is still approachable.

Yep, very New York.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

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