Penguin Random House – International Publishing Conglomerate

The first home of Penguin Random House was in-fact in two places, Random House at Publishers Bertelsmann and Penguin Group at Publishers Pearson. A merger in 2013 brought them together.

Technically as avid readers here we should be protesting such capitalisation of ideas and words … books, knowledge is power and freedom and all. However the Brand continues to centre itself on book publishing deals centred on this age of being inclusive through its’ divisions and partnerships.

Merky Books partnership started last year with UK grime artist Stormzy, CRWN division which has overseen publication of high profile editorials and book releases such as by former American President Barack Obama.

Our meeting point with the brand really comes from it’s world renowned back-to-school catalogues that flood high schools at intervals in the school year. Memorable for us here, in bringing us back together with our friends just as school starts, discussing books and the like.

With physical published literature and even medias today loosing territory to an increasingly digital landscape, this generation is an especially distracted one to exclusively engage with. And most of the key strategies with this brand are with its’ already established audiences on social medias and using diversity and inclusion as it’s key channels of growth.

It’s hello LatinX Heritage, and hello Black History but maybe bye-bye student community.

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