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the entertainment MEDIA & the kids; tiktok to kpop?

I’ve found countless means of talking about my time in Milan, twitter name-dropping of Italian words, instagram cultural snaps of tourist spots, however it is definitely the global world views and connections here that I will miss.

In this last conversation with the last of my cohort Carlotta Del Serrone, where we talk through a truly global definition of entertainment media especially for the growing generation of always plugged in gen-z who are fast embracing Korean entertainment in addition to their other home culture entertainment. Popularly and affectionately referred to as just KPOP, US music awards shows for the younger audiences have boasted winners like the BTS boy band group since about 2018.

Here they are ever the unassuming stars receiving their award in lockdown this May at the Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards.

[Well where to start, where is this cultural wave coming from?]

Now, if the kids are anything like me, in how I take in new information, they probably follow the same patterns of quickly and easily accessing all the information that we already know is readily present. So for example, my easy interest was in the general Korean entertainment forms and of-course that introduces you to key personalities like BTS however owing to the strategies of engagement for these brands and personalities, you end up being drawn into even more information. BTS for example have an app for fans to access further highlights of the stars day-to-day life. Taking things even beyond entertainment.

And very soon you have a community of home fans interacting with maybe international fans through mediums as these or social media, and there is constant discussion on everything and anything relating to the stars from what they wore to “what does the mandatory korean military service entail?”

[So you’re saying communities like this reinforce an interest in what’s happening somewhere different]

It’s certainly easier to consume these informations because of these tools that we have, an app for example but we’re also luckier that we have more tolerant societies, culturally open societies, and so it comes as perhaps a coexistence of this as well as having a pathway to enter new markets and be influential in the life of a teenager living in a completely different timezone.

[We’re going into the technology side of things, but I think we’ll dive instead into American culture as it’s a hugely global and prominent one in entertainment]

You’re right about American culture although in itself, it is so distinctly different to the Korean one and whilst very successful in the global entertainment industry, it – in my opinion – does it under different strategies.

With American culture we can look to real-life everyday examples of reality television stars like the Kardashians for example how they built upon the community interests in fashion, and beauty over the years to sell their brands whilst for Korean culture I can look to my research and note that there is a contrast here.

The Korean entertainment environment is not simply an individual brand like BTS and the stars of the brand, but instead supports a wider narrative of the Korean people and speaks to a sense of national pride with the industry being one with prestige and accolades from even national leaders.

It’s big business essentially but it functions with or without its’ stars. And right now its’ stars are working perfectly for an international audience.

[We’re especially grateful to Carlotta for taking the time to join us, and being as exciting as this topic would suggest she is]

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