Just me, a fun introspective look at other topics more rooted in everyday life. Of-course, the house style of looking into what is happening in the world today but bringing no insights here, just personal rambling.

“That’s scary” those are the words that immediately come to mind when it dawns on me that I now have three weeks of a backlog of insights to deliver. 

I mean to say you’re in for a treat, and here’s why it matters; people in front of the story, meaning you get to find out – as our iconic socials say – what’s happening. 

It’s only a brief one with me this week, just to say that my most recent deep and philosophical chat with … my UBER driver, played right into the hands of what insights we stand to learn from the most surprising places.  We’re swapping out our standard think piece or op-ed in fitting a wider world perspective to my rambling, for this new yorker cartoon.


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