Just me, a fun introspective look at other topics more rooted in everyday life. Of-course, the house style of looking into what is happening in the world today but bringing no insights here, just personal rambling.

Today, we’re on a much earlier timeline to our usual evening post time as our usual day-to-day of webinars, zooms and Microsoft teams slows down even as we round-up all that wonderful academic life.

Now we talk about this very briefly in the “what’s happening” for the preceding week, but I am sure we are all aware of the events of the last week unfolding with civil tensions on the subject of race.

For me with professional sights set on public relations, and hopefully contributing an essential ear to dialogue for brands, corporations, institutions on issues as this; it all seems to be happening at a very poignant time when the events of the past few months we had assumed had brought us all closer together. I mean it doesn’t get closer than facing a Global Pandemic?

Not so.

Or in other terms, “Not so easily”. As far as organising and advocacy are concerned, they are the true middle-men on issues as these, not necessarily publicists or my colleagues as brand managers, or even more widely any other type of experts. It would do us all a world of good to really listen to them especially as they speak for the people affected by the wider topics at play for now.

The Black lives matter movement born from the murder of Trayvon Martin in 2013, and related campaigns are for the moment navigating activism in a very different world to when they first started. However, some same truths remain even as Celebrities voice their support; and we as people, and our surrounding institutions especially the ones with a responsibility to us including the media, have a very important role to still play in not only one or two soundbites, or one or two affecting statements but in digging deeper until we arrive at meaningful solutions here.

As we continue into further solutions for navigating a covid-19 Pandemic world, here’s hoping some progress will be made here.

We have a next interview inspired by these events and @Acha has just shared her first take on researching some of the global issues presented our way with the travel topic! As well as our digging deep into our Local Leeds for other stories.

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