Just me, a fun introspective look at other topics more rooted in everyday life. Of-course, the house style of looking into what is happening in the world today but bringing no insights here, just personal rambling.

Today, I’m very near the bottom of my to do-list and somehow another notification, another email, another video chat, another something else manages to remind me that to-do lists are never actually to ever be completed regardless of what these life coaches say (my fiancé included).

Whilst my insights and trends reports – for the week just gone by – don’t show much hope on “that which shall not be named”, I’ve been taking a lot of stock on my immense resources of privilege; higher education, free wifi, candlewick burning as I type this out and every support to write, write away.

And at present in addition to the blog, I’m currently throwing out a few pieces to publications and seeing where they stick in an attempt at a brand of hope that I am finding holds surprising engagement value for key messages by stakeholders; just see WHO and Global Citizen’s campaign of #togetherathome and also aforementioned fiancé and his @jeanpierrebelieves brand.

We’re all in this together apparently? But not sure the latest New Yorker cover/issue quite agrees in its’ Rich vs. Poor Corona coverage. Needless to say, it seems that alongside my multiple to-do lists, there’s seemingly more and more to dissect on this latest global event “that shall not be named”. Getting over it, like all of our other bad heartbreaks, is clearly in the works.


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