Just me, a fun introspective look at other topics more rooted in everyday life. Of-course, the house style of looking into what is happening in the world today but bringing no insights here, just personal rambling.

Today, as the humdrum of yet another day in COVID-19 lockdown continues, and another day gives way to yet another day and then before you know it it’s the end of April. Days, weeks, weekends are all blurring into a similar shape for me, I think I actually started taking notes for this on the weekend but now somehow it is mid-week?

But fatefully I have carried on the good work, and as recompense for a day well spent I have repeatedly fallen into a downward spiral of reality television which I can not dignify by telling you which ones.

When this all started, and there’s a lot of “this” for me; lockdown, the blog, an impending dissertation, the excitement of an upcoming wedding, I had excitedly tweeted that I was looking forward to a whirlwind of commissioning, writing and editing and from my heart to God’s ears, I think he heard me. Not sure why that prayer specifically? Surely there were the ones about just one more brunch out in the open, meeting Beyoncé to sing her praises and also finding out that I was the long-lost friend and/or sister to Meghan Markle.

(Did I really repeat wedding again? p.s. the Washington Post has upped my already frazzled state with these emotional pieces in its coronavirus updates on regular everyday stories).

Which brings us to this week with our next Interview piece with another colleague, the polyglot of our group as we talk about our new virtual lives and its’ digital communications implications. But what I am most curious about are these implications further afield in the east, China to be specific.

We’ll be hoping to bring something across from this next guest’s experience at home in the Netherlands but also further afield in China to broaden the playing field of our insights.

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