Just me, a fun introspective look at other topics more rooted in everyday life. Of-course, the house style of looking into what is happening in the world today but bringing no insights here, just personal rambling.

Today, the headline topics across my week have all but extinguished all my hope of a return to normalcy. It is crazy to think how things have changed, how we even have changed.

I mentioned this to a friend recently but she thinks I am imagining things. For her, life returns back to its unwelcome pace and brisk workplace encounters make a come-back. For me, when we finally emerge at the other end of getting through this unparalleled global crisis I will be a better person. Or so I tell myself?

Right now, always having my head burrowed into some text or another, if it isn’t to research and collect the site’s sources, it’s the escapism of some new read (as you can imagine given our humble book club origins; It’s Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club read The Jetsetters) means I am having to find coping mechanisms. This the CUT read aptly describes – perhaps an extreme of – some very common anxieties a lot of people have suffered during this period. So you are not alone.

I am finding that freaking out but not completely is a sure sign to getting there, wherever there is. Anyways here is my list on how I’m coping including countless calls to my wedding vendors who are at this point tired of me;

 MAKE lunch-TIME a TREAT – this is a rare opportunity!

Don’t make ANYTHING from scratch – YOU COULDN’T THEN SO …

Destroy, NO, burn every one of your TIME CONSUMING apps


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