A fun introspective look at other topics more rooted in everyday life. Of-course, the house style of looking into what is happening in the world today and bringing some insight into this still applies, kinda.

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage. Does anybody else remember this absolute cheese of a nursery rhyme?

So, in this episode of sitting across the table or the internet in this case, with none other than my Fiancé, my absolute favourite human being in the world (next to my brother) we talk fitness.

It is the classic case of Work over Love so I actually think Jean-Pierre might prefer this other title as a Fitness Coach whose passion has been fitness and wellbeing, for many years, even long before I came along.

JP: Well you’re absolutely right about some things there, but you’re the most important babe. That’s why I love when we have sessions together and we build that fitness lifestyle together.

[Nice pivot, very diplomatic! Did you learn that from me?]

JP: No [laughs] This is about a lifestyle of being in your best physical condition to build healthier habits and wellbeing.

[Sounds great, but why does it also sound like a challenge like what’s the catch, my lifestyle is already pretty heavy at home, in lockdown?]

JP: Right, so it is usually difficult to start with but you know they say nothing good comes without a challenge!

[No, nope, I see you’re trying to use that Motivation voodoo on me, and I am a strong independent woman!]

JP: Okay, you’re right so maybe this is a better way of putting it. We all need a little extra effort towards achieving our goals and things ; you know staying up longer to complete your editing, going out less to save a little money

So goals for your fitness can depend on much the same way of thinking, just small steps towards a larger goal. It’s why I’m here.

[So we’re not here for just me babe?]

JP: I thought you said this was a serious interview?


JP: Well, I say this because I can speak from experience to say that at 16 ( I talk about this over on the Jean Pierre Believes social media) I joined my first gym because I was intimidated into thinking that my physique was not “ideal” in comparison to other men. So my goal was not really my “goal” it was about other people at that point.

Take that Avengers piece you talked about with Shinjini Djas, most people think, great here’s a great actor body I can aspire to but they use that as just a goal towards a small thing; new physique.

I try to encourage my clients that as a small step, it works but then you have to build “your own lifestyle” around this well just remember Actors get paid to achieve a killer body, you don’t. I think that is where the industry is headed, wellbeing, body positivity. People feeling good about more than just their physique in the long-term. 

[Speaking of long-term, I’m assuming you’ll be coming back for our next long-term topic on wedding goals, maybe some flower arrangements?]

JP: So, maybe we can have some sports at the wedding?

[Now I’m silent]

Jean-Pierre, Personal Trainer @jeanpierrebelieves

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