People sharings perspectives on a topical issue as relates to brands.

What else is there to say about COVID-19; public policy, key-players, accountability?

A friend and colleague, Luisa Della Pietra is a Strategic Communications student on Public Affairs, Public Relations and Culture & basically generally great at telling us things we didn’t know.

So, in this episode of sitting across the table or the internet, we will be looking at the much looked at subject that are the phases of the COVID-19 Pandemic in our society. Or societies. Luisa is based in Italy, and we are in the UK, so there’s at least two.

Luisa; So when we start talking phases we eventually arrive at the more recent conversations around unwinding the Lockdown mandated by governments, and there are lessons to be learned from China and South Korea and some of the technology propositions they bring to the solution.

But equally as with initiating the Lockdowns, it is important that the solutions proposed don’t focus on just one proposition. Doing this will present a solution that is too little, and which ignores problem areas.

As a brief example, Italy had serious issues after initially calling for a Lockdown and issuing the stay-at-home directive because officials had not accounted for or presented a solution for the hundreds sleeping rough or not at home.

[Or you could even say the high mobility of its’ citizens i.e. works in Milan, lives in Bergamo, interns in London]

Luisa: The nature of some of these problems stemming from the actions taken by our governments in handling COVID-19, has links to the systems of governance and the lines of communication being used. I believe that the lack of cohesion between Municipalities, States or as you can see in America the breakdown Federalism there meant that there was confusion in who was accountable and who had a strong public presence.

But with Crisis there’s always problems.

Luisa: I sound more like a Political Scientist but these issues also link back to strategic communications as you find with the example of Canada there was just a very different approach and consideration for the demographics of the population, which seems to be paying off.

[New Zealand also actually, maintained a very united front behind their decisiveness to Lockdown very early on]

Luisa: The next conversations will turn to this and are already starting to happen, as people position for what changes to their life they can expect and there might be more questions now to those in leadership on their lack of accountability and/or presence in dealing with COVID-19. China has recently started unwinding its lockdown, so we all have lessons to learn from looking to our neighbours.

[We’re especially grateful to Luisa for taking the time to join us, we know she doesn’t want anyone to know she’s also a something of a wine expert so maybe this will be our next conversation!]

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