Cherie by Ebun

A reboot is underway, words, and all yes, but now we’re moving onto so much more in publishing

For now, we’re taking you through some of our adventures in Milan, Italy away from our home town of Leeds, North of England, and you can get to speed on the previous People, Places, and Stories; as all of this is what inspired our

Over on this section, we’ll be telling more of our personal stories narrating a more day-to-day on the things shaping our perspectives! But of-course this isn’t the main bulk of whay you’re here, a lot more of the publishings for you are on the “World” sections and also on our @itscherieby hub.



p.s Potato -Pohtato not to be confused for the telenovela counterpart drama in Africa’s own movie production machinery similarly titled and directed by Shirley Frimpong-Manso. #popculture #recommendeds