Caroline Gardner for the Love

This is bad, real bad, Michael Jackson.

Not the illustration, that’s really good, it’s Caroline Gardner and they’re a brand name I’ve spotted on plenty a pretty card design only to now find their illustrated beauty in digital print.

Skipping through all the rest of the pieces I had in store for you, and with a resolved heart to bring you even more in the coming weeks creating a sort of anthology on here on Love, even as my main plug for these Medium pieces of writing is actually my Cherieby site, which I may or may not have mentioned (numerously).

Somewhere between expanding the topic listings over there from Books, and my reading finds, I also stopped off in the city of love, the other one.

I hope you guessed Milan?

So that and also;

  1. It’s apparently all I can talk about for now
  2. I’ve also bagged a person to marry, literally have a piece of him in my bag (don’t tell the cops)

I hope you’re ready.

Oh the bittersweet taste of love

An oracle for your desire

A conduit for your pain

Where it is bitter we forget

Where it is sweet we remember

To give permissions of an unending love

<< I told you it was bad >>

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