Ah well, here we go.

A slippery slope, and as I’ve severally been told also an ill-advised impulse to always explain myself.

I’m going to pretend that it is some stylishly well thought out perspective on people and life that led me to poeticise the shitty boyfriends past and not the current phenomenal one, a who’s who of who broke my heart and to the tune of poetry.

Rather than how adorable it is that recently the Cameroonian has adopted the by-line,“Babe, can I make you a bagel with some Nutella”.

That Nutella is my favourite love language can only make sense to one person, and is sign of a well-adjusted routine towards becoming that cliché old married couple.

So this has also been one of many nuances to this relationship that makes me think that I now have access to some sage-like wisdom and am now a leading authority on romance and relationships. Enough to …

I think I’ve never quite understood romance and relationships quite as clearly as I do now, in all its glory but also simplicity, and this all comes down to the the sheer luck of finding that someone for me like him, and setting into perspective all that went wrong before that.

So of-course the win is always for true love, and a smooth sailing relationship, which I admit was born from a past that was a little more heartbreak à la Janis Joplin’s classic “Piece of my Heart”.

All this to say, back to business and back to writing, including about Love also that – side note – book club think where I talk about books and stories and so much more @itscherieby on social media and cherieby.com on the internet of things.

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