So where else to start but this Dominique by the established Nicola Jane Creative.

A visual representation of me airing some dirt. Dirt being a long reserved contempt and grievance with the boys I once cared for to – mistakenly -formerly love.

I was today-years-old when I discovered that I had some of the “odds” stacked in my favour for being able to tune my words in writing into a rhythm and cadence that might be poetry, or might just be an inbuilt writing style. Mostly my poetry has been helped along by some amazing people over the years, ignoring the fact that the timescale is a bit more suited for my “I don’t always have a lot of time to match my lots to say” lifestyle.

All this to say that I’ve recently been reading on the human breadth of emotions at our disposal, especially love. Some reading filled with despair, and some just plain hilarious, all-in-all inspiration for some lovely Poetry:

I said I needed just you

You said a need was something not someone

Hence all the things you said I needed

I needed to have as just my own

Like Beatrice’s good curls

Curly somethings wound around someone else

Like Video-vixen moves

Moving seductively towards another someone else

Over there is your someone

So why did you come here?

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