Not change, but changing because we’re still going a little tentative with things.

In that I know I’m going somewhere, in this case, towards change, although not quite sure if we’re there yet.

Starting my Medium a while back in what ‘I thought would be’ my cultural insights; part book recommendations and part what is up in the world as dictated by my very own twitter-sphere, well let’s just say ‘I thought’.

Self quote there, I put the ‘self’ in self-deprecating some times. Might change my bio to that? My Instagram bio is literally the most self-deprecating bio ever, it reads “Writer, She Wrote”.

Okay enough with the self-drag lol, I do need to change my bios considering they say practically nothing, and well now that I’m a changing woman and saying a few more things than I generally do, and there are changes that I intend on doing.

The cultural insights thing though.

Re-visiting this Medium, my Medium today, and now, having finally made good on a self-made promise to find a reason, and relevance to my need to be aware and conscious of a wider world around me all wrapped up in the wonderful world of academia. The great thing is that, I am now having to read a tonne more than usual.

And it’s all been very centring in the affirming way that stories can be, finding likeness in texts on Privilege and Chekhov’s short novels.

So I’ve gone one step further with a book club. My book club, open for all but also kinda exclusive, if you’re of the variety that would like to read but can’t seem to find the means.

Okay, this is starting to sound a lot like a self plug.

Which it technically is because my next subject is self.

And so going back to what a friend had said, “you just have to say what you mean”. And I’m hoping to do just that. If you would like the usual updates on reading material, then book club is as aforementioned “open for all but also kinda exclusive”.

The important thing is that I’m back to writing and as always the enduring thread of how this all comes together is a tonne of reading which I happen to be doing right about now.

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