no.1 Womanhood

“Just start” or so everyone says, just when you already know you are meant to be starting and are in need of a different type of encouragement; like cake for example or other like desserts.

But we women are meant to be phenomenal if we are to go by Ms. Angelou, or second class citizens if it is Simone de Beauvoir you choose to follow. And going by the former for me, I am 100% ready for more than just a start.

At this start, this beginning, this very no.1 series on womanhood, I have chosen to make things a little clearer on what to expect here. Whilst we take on topics in our individual writing voices, we hope to give you fresh ideas and insights from not just ourselves but further out to others too.

For me in deciding on womanhood as a topic, I was connecting to something in a direct and personal way to my experiences so far, in relation to the empowering relationships I have enjoyed in the company of women starting with my Mum. But it’s not all deep, there are those light-hearted lyrics that we sometimes use as battle cries (thank you Beyoncé) and other bits.

I am looking forward to sharing all this and more with you this May!

Thanks for stopping by and see you at the jump.

Cherie by,