The Girls Like me.

I was supposed to get this out yesterday. Not that I’m duty bound to; look at me, about to settle on another ramble on the writing process again.

But you know a girl’s got to be present to represent (lol, how do I come up with these).

But here we are, on our continuing journey of ‘sorry it’s late’ posts.

Although if there’s something I’ve literally – only yesterday – just learned, it’s that like Beyoncé, we all must embrace and accept each failure that life hands us, and use it as fuel for a killer album, as well as a movement of ultra-hyper-aware millennial women who stan for you.

And I do stan for the Beyhive, even as we still unpack the complexities that are the Saint Beyoncé and her beloved Uncle Sean Carter and their collaboration album.

But enough about that. I’ve been meaning to share a different type of album. Similarly, a movement, similarly millennial women involved, however not the slightest bit related to music.

The space: ‘Girls Like Me’, and all it’s offshoot parts across social media, and all the wonderful women involved in it, who have been serving up amazing discussions and reads. Having a space of people’s stories, ideas, lessons, all along the same parallels of womanhood, or girlhood, has been such a thrill.

And whilst not faith-related, it still somehow reinforces my idealistic views on faith, that gems like these exist, must surely be fate.

For now, here’s a space you should watch, as well as my current favourite read there.

Also, I might currently have a post on the space for you to go and discover yourselves, there’s a whole world of wisdom to learn from other women there and right now that’s so much more worth sharing.

Let us know what you think!









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