Sticks and stones may break my bones.

I know this is totally me putting my foot in it, but around the time of my last post I might have said to myself a little something along the lines of “you’ll probably not get a chance to be back on here for a while”. You can imagine what did happen, with the spindly crawly legs of doubt all up in there?

2 months guys!

I know. And all it took was a lot of chocolate, some ice-cream and maybe the odd scare-tactic or two, to really get my butt into moving and on here. Turns out parents are right afterall, it’s not just candy and copious amounts of love, a little discipline goes a long way.

But enough about that!

We’re back to bringing you a little something just for you. And today, we have my attempt at convincingly selling the catchphrase, “you are what you say”. A somewhat obvious remixing of that famous childhood line ‘you are what you eat’. And in a way, these two things are not so dissimilar in the ways that they affect us, words and food (thank you Jesus, for food).

Cherieby d

As with what we eat, our words can build or break us down. But unlike what we eat, I don’t think I have ever been as conscious of the ways in which the words of others have benefitted me. 

Depending on how much of a friend you are to me, IR-L or UR-L or some other type of L, you might have seen the Instagram post that feeds in directly to this topic. It was around then that I had started to consider how much good or possibility could come out of just words; a simple communication tool.  And whilst there is the perspective of my personal belief and faith, the evidence in my life, in the countless well-timed words. Not just words of praise, or compliments but also the constructive criticism where it is needed. All of which have come together over my life journey like little sprinkling droplets of food to grow me as a person.

Presentation c (4)

These are what prove to me how endless the possibilities are for what words can do.

Which means we all probably have to work harder than Kanye West at choosing our words, but I think that’s a bar we can all reach.

That’s it for tonight. Short and sweet, and not too wordy.



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