Live, Love, Laugh …

And now we move even more firmly into the sunken place of sentiment, and mushy feelings.

We’re far off from all the socially accepted norms of February ‘lovin’, I know, and I apologise for not being here for that or any of the other celebratory opportunities along the way; mother’s day et al.

So we’re making it up to you by finishing off that L.O.V.E  conversation which we started at it’s most basic levels where relationships found love, and how what we put into relationships really define what love becomes.

So now moving on, we’re ready to dive into those clichés and the romance that Hollywood is forever reinforcing and the rest of our friends i.e. everybody else but us, are a reminder of. You know, that picture perfect joined-at-the-hips couple above a captioned ‘#relationshipgoals’ or ‘#bae’.  Or quoted pearls of wisdom like: ‘Live, Love, Laugh’ as if these three things somehow magically form a link?

Presentation c

Well, there’s nothing really wrong with any of this, or any other accepted common laws on Love such as the ‘love languages’ that have filtered through popular culture as a mechanism to perfecting communication in a loving relationship.

However, these do not go to the heart of some of the most confusing and most referenced questions I have come across on the subject of love. Such as, how do you define love? or how does love feel?

And it’s not very surprising, love the powerful emotion that it is, gives birth to so many complex and different consequences, from heartbreak to fulfilment. So where to even begin making sense of it?

Even drawing from my personal histories of loves, and exes, there’s hardly been a consistent thread between the ways and the times I have felt in love. So what is it?

I’d like to imagine love as being quite similar to power, given the emotional weight it carries; and it goes some way to explaining why it is so complex too. As with power, it can be overwhelming, crazy even. But maybe that’s how it should be in order to use it to do things only love can do.

Cherieby b

And in my loving relationships, Love has done plenty for me. Just within my family, it is easy to see my gains from the wisdom my Mother readily imparts, or the moral sense of my father is always quick to remind me of, or the care and protection of my Brother and even further still, my gains from those exes who confidently assured me with stolen Drake lyrics that I really was special to them. I realise now that whilst in positions of love, I felt like I was the party in those relationships to have gained the most out of those relationships, to have gotten better, to have grown. And so I felt loved.

Presentation c (1)



p.s. I was not shading, ‘Live, Love. Laugh’ – maybe I was a little – aside from its being oversimplified, it’s a nice way of approaching living fully.

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