Before Love is …

So I was a hot-minute away from taking this single-word theme all the way into being overused.

But we thank the Lord, who in super-hero swooping style saved me from myself through the words of a fabulous ‘preacher man’. Can I hear an Amen?

And in a somewhat related sense who knew workplace banter could apparently take a turn into being “real-deep”. Like “preacher” real-deep? I found myself saying – mentally – plenty of Amens and a – quiet –  preach sister as my colleague fleshed out a key part of that very big and complex emotion that is Love.

Don’t get me wrong the entire topic of ‘Love’ is a great one to talk about, especially for me as I feel so strongly about the impact ‘Love’ has had in my life. It also fits naturally as a follow-on theme from Hope and Faith. It’s just I think I can do one better by focussing on one small aspect of it at a time, aspects I believe to be a key part of what Love is all about. And all this in a bid to impart something a little practicable for you and me both.

Cherieby d

You see it become obvious to me that whilst people are quick to define Love, struggle for Love, play dirty to get Love; we can all be a little less enthused when it comes to putting the same amount of energy into the more general aspects of our relationships. And often these are at the very core of what Love is born from.

So if we haven’t even started to figure out the building blocks of what our strong, and lasting and good relationships are. I don’t think we are equipped to being able to figure out what strong, lasting and good Love is. Because before Love is a relationship, something connecting individuals in this like-for-like environment and then maybe there is love after that because love – like all good things that last – has to have a foundation to rest on. Foundations like generosity, understanding, dependability and et cetera. And that’s what we will get right to in the posts that follow.


Fine enough of the mush! Sometimes ‘deep’ Love, but sometimes just throw a nice party and have your friends endure ‘enforced party hat’ wearing all in the name of Love.

Love, love, love. I think I’ve exhausted my use of this four letter word.

Exhibit A of my great friends




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