Permission to begin with a joke?

Thanks very much. I’m going on the assumption that I’ve suitably charmed you into saying yes.

So what did the busy bee say to the lazy bee?

Bzzzzzzzz. Bees don’t talk guys, besides there never existed a lazy bee, stay alert of terrible jokes this year, but especially of roadmen #remainwoke2018

But truly, happy new year again guys! And in wishing you everything that I would wish myself, I hope for a deeply fulfilled year, and happy days everyday #flourish2018

So just before the festivities of the new year, I made mention of the fact that I am a person of faith. Which brings us to a second single-worded topic.


Basically, a person of faith is typified gentry speak for ‘I practise a religion’, if you don’t know, now you know. For me specifically, it is that I am a Christian. But recently this week I wondered why this was the case, with this immediate connotation of the word ‘Faith’. I mean do people who don’t practise a religion not have any of whatever ‘faith’ is.

Is there such a thing as a ‘person not of faith’?

I guess, to begin with, what is Faith?

Print and Stuff (1)

You see for me, having faith or practising my religion has been a sort of anchor for me over the years. And especially – even if I don’t like to admit it – in the times of my greatest fears or troubles or anxieties about the future. It has served as this little beachside resort that I would pay a visit to, gather my strength, to return back to reality more secure and confident about one life goal or another. A sort of personal journey?

Maybe that’s what struck me the most, how personal a journey having ‘Faith’ is and what it can mean on a personal level. And in that light, I feel that the journey of Faith can be many things; the support and structure of religion, a dependable trusted voice or an imaginary beachside resort.

In short a perspective that builds confidence. Borrowing from Christian scripture and calling it: confidence even in the face of things that are uncertain, maybe very shaky.

And whilst I can’t dictate faith to someone else, if anyone asked me, I’d never stop talking about how meaningful it can be to life in general, but also how impactful it is for when the road gets tough and you need more reason to persevere.

Finger’s crossed we all have something to hope for, and a dose of faith to take us through.





Psssst *whispers* In-case you’re wondering where the wonderful world of Birkin Bags, Louboutin shoes and general lifestyle goodness has disappeared to, well I’m wondering too ???

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