Wow, another week, another calendar eve and I am actually here again.

Today I came across a new word, being a geek it feels completely fated that I now use this word consistently for the next day or so.

Also, today we officially enter the twilight zone of 2017, as one day fades into another, we enter the new somehow meaningful date of 01.01.2018. And I have been pretty undecided between a last hour sale haul of my Achilles – shopping – heel: Zara, or paying homage to the word ‘sermonise’ and giving you some meaningful recollection of my year?

I guess you can figure out the winning choice?

You see, in recent years, today is usually a day synonymous with  ‘reflecting’ as I try to find ‘meaning’ in the events that have made up the precedent days in that year, and shape them into a forward-looking inspiring message for myself to act out into the upcoming days. I figure in some way it is a controlling attitude to life.

But I take some comfort in the fact that much of this reflection is done as guided by my faith. I hope this isn’t a surprise that I am a person of faith; if it is you might want to take a look at my last year’s Christmas post.

Print and Stuff

In previous years, themes like Destiny, Purpose, Change, The New, have been the guiding words into my new year. And this year is no different with another theme: Hope. A short four-letter word.

This year has been a year that I think for many there has been a sense of instability. Things have not been the easiest to predict on a world facing stage and whilst that would be exciting to go fully into on politics, on culture etc, maybe here is not the time or place. And with the ‘unpredictable’ on this world stage, one can only imagine the many ripple effects this carries into our everyday lives.

However what I am holding on to in this new year is a measured optimism; that because there’s been the experience of the negative, of the inconvenient truths, of downs, there has to be the experience of the positives, the uplifting facts, of ups to look forward to into the future. Much as I have come to experience with my neglectful writing habits, there are lessons to be learned even in this 2017 and these inevitably bring us to better in 2018.


Well if that’s not happy, I don’t know what is?

Happy New Year and beautiful hopes for what it brings.



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