Who are you talking to?

Who are you talking to?

So guys, we finally got there. Got to the point, got to the gist; of all that this digital life of ours should hold true.

Basically, I think I am going to be going for an overall theme into this new year, and the post below is going to be a sample of that.

It seems this entire period of sporadic posting and mixed up themes has been really eye-opening for me – which I talk more about in the next post – but it’s all given me an unencumbered freedom to write however I want and this I think can now be worked into a slightly more focused blogging experience.

Today we talk a little about one of the life experiences that I have reluctantly – like for real though grudgingly – accepted as one of the most important tools to problem-solving and just generally self-helping.

It is the very easy exercise of talking.

Yeah, I know, a wide majority of issues are best dealt with with the silent stare reserved for the stupid. But I’m not talking about that type of talking. I mean more of the useful life conversations, where there is actual sense to be taken away from.

Around the autumn of this year, there was a lot of publicity, media campaigning etc around mental health that really brought to light and did an amazing job of seeking to lessen the stigma that discussing mental health can often carry. I mean it’s not every day that we each seriously consider our mental states or health, despite how important this is for the overall benefit of just about every other part of our wellbeing and health.

Equally, right around this time, October or so; as is usually my response to grey-er skies, all my favourite flowers withering, the temperament of standard British Weather, I tend to be a little more deflated and less spirited. Pretty tame stuff, I know.

Considering I was still very much unaffected in any other area of my life despite the way I was feeling on the inside, I’ve for all of my life luckily gotten off very lightly as far as dealing with how I have felt mentally.

And this is pretty obvious when you consider that until recent years most of my coping mechanisms are literally as soft as they come, think buying myself bright flowers, re-arranging my wardrobe for the 50th time, picking a new distracting obsession like ‘writing’ (lol).

But as you can imagine there is an endless string of self-help mechanisms that we all resort to at times like this. More than one way to skin a cow and all: sorry vegan brethren.

It is not until in recent years that I have found myself more outwards looking for better ways of dealing whenever I’ve found myself ‘out-of-character’. And I have found that – especially in this year – opening up to the right people, surrounding myself with the right ‘understanding’ voices, that I have formed richer views and perspectives, and challenged myself to see not just myself but other people as sources of encouragement.

Note I say ‘right people’ up there. Not everyone will have the capacity or ability to speak to whatever you are going through. But I dare you to not find a single person who has not stood where you are at the moment, or who does not understand what it is that you are mentally in the state of.

So there it is guys. The new focus, hope you like it?



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