A time to …

I know, an entire month. Please bear with our creative thoughts through this difficult time of covered up style and harsh dry winds.

But really though?

A month later?

At times like this, when despite my best efforts (I mentally drafted at least five possible posts) there is not a single thing to show for said planning and trying to put a post up.

None, of my ‘vibesy’ styling ideas on ‘how to transition summer looks to winter looks’, or ‘the best gift ideas or plans’ for the season, or my guide to ‘picking up from scratch and deciding to be an interiors decorator’; all figments of my blogging imagination which never quite made it to the blog.

And all of which point to the only thing that I hate about writing; that it takes time.

I guess, who doesn’t need more time?

Perhaps the trick is knowing what to do and at what time, and accepting that whatever falls outside of those margins was simply not meant to play out. It’s as my mother often reminds me ‘there’s a time for everything’.

So here is some way of a compromise, with something else other than my seemingly endless rambling about writing (well everything that goes on to enable my writing or otherwise not writing). 

Below is my sort-of draft/mood-board for all of the interiors decorating ideas I’ve been pulling inspiration from because your ‘girl’ got herself a new place. 

Let the real fun begin, *winks and proceeds to fall back to sleep*.



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