Know yourself

 I recently came across an Instagram post shared by one of my faves, it was in that new style of interacting between brand and users on zie social media. ‘My faves’ were looking to their community of followers to engage on the topic of ‘advising your former/younger self’. 

And I kinda bookmarked this social experiment for future reference only to never really go back to it as is the bedrock of this adulating journey; needing coping mechanisms and having a short attention span (or maybe that’s just me?)

Anyways, it stuck enough to pop up over here. And it did begin to get me into that reflective, searching mode. The sort of mode that tends to spur on my more life centred, ‘feeling like I’m woke’ posts which I had promised myself would move on over to the Medium page, so there’s more space for loving on some red bottoms and talking about my sashimi tasting experiences on here.



(You know Christian Louboutin really stays out here busy, with his dreamy shoes every season, but we all only credit that bit of red on the soles!!!)

So I know you aren’t really here for me rambling. 

So imma keep it real brief ( in my faux American accent). 

Basically, if I were ever to tell my younger self a thing on this thing called life, it would be to “Go confidently”.

Okay I lied, here is the ramble-ey bit, which I kind of fell onto whilst I was talking to a friend about my relationship with my writing, and just things I’d come to discover about myself through writing, like having to grow up from not really enjoying the process at first to finding what I most enjoy about it.

It feels like as I’ve grown older, or rather matured (like fine wine) from a younger me, so too has my writing, and my styling and my thinking amongst a whole host of other things; although these are probably the ones I take the most pride in. In fact everything that I immediately think of about myself seems to have grown into a better version of itself. And no, I’m not being big-headed. I really think this is something most people can sort-of credit themselves with doing, and that is growing with time.

And if all that good stuff is going to happen to my self-growth as a person anyway, there is absolutely no reason for me to ever have in the past cut myself to size because I felt that I ‘was not enough’.

The growth will come, the better will come, with time and work. I might as well start enjoying the benefits of that sooner rather than later.

Now imagine if Christian Louboutin had sat in that Milan office and thought, designing shoes is one thing but a streak of red on every shoe will be laughed out of the Vogue September issue?




p.s. (Thank you David – you know who you are – for partly inspiring this post!)

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