For rainy days

I’ve decided tonight that I am a writer, and putting even the tiniest bit on the post, for now, is better than nothing, even as the world around us slowly falls apart.

From the global warming sceptics even in the face of a month-long sequence of natural disasters across the worlds largest continent and also home to a majority of these sceptics, the irony; to the finale episode of Insecure and it’s heart-wrenching final three minutes of a fairytale that could have been; to the repeated perversion of Justice systems in America to not taking a stand against police brutality towards the black community. This September, it all plays out in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Then there are the painful reminders that it is no longer summer.

Well, I finally got around to making a start on a Medium page last weekend which was when I last got a chance to go through the paces with my creative bad self.

And it appears my creative bad self, needed another outlet for the more responsible, socially aware side that takes me a little out of my comfort zones of merino wool, 3000 cotton thread counts ( I wish) and coffee table books ( I know I still owe you an interiors post).

There’s so much I’ve come to learn about myself, and the world around me from writing so damn much. And apparently, I’m dragging you along for the ride with me?

So here’s the Medium and here’s to hoping I finally get this week’s posts out as a final trip down the summery lane?




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