Pair me up

And we’re back! With one more of those our grand styling tips that should hopefully take us to our eventual Chloe Sevigny aesthetics.

As usual, the lead-up to these posts involves a copious amount of trawling the internet, some fitting room mayhem but always finally, a moment of shopping clarity, as I realise that the little tweaks here and there are what make all the difference in putting together a look.


So, with Chloe Sevigny aesthetics as our agenda this past week, I’ve bought a thing or two  … or three, all thanks to some earlier summer thriftiness which we hint about in that last post. And I picked up on a little something that I am pretty sure we all mostly do in the middle of shopping for new wardrobe additions? Which is pairing our wardrobe additions with bits from our regular wardrobe?

But I also picked up on how this super simple process tends to stop in the shops? I personally tend to stop thinking of pairing items in my wardrobe when they’re no longer new additions.

Cherieby d (1)

However, to really maintain those perfect outfit combinations, it probably pays to think of your wardrobe items, old and new as pairs or even groups, and arrange your wardrobe accordingly.

It’s a process a lot of bloggers stick by for the long-run as opposed to the short-run, and it is evident in their wardrobe layouts where things are very much together, where there is that nude dress hung up next to that ivory blazer, and that indigo denim next to the black sweatshirt.

Well, that’s it. Chloe Sevigny, here we come!

Cherieby d




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