Massimo Dutti, Pre-fall’17



Surely no one thinks mid-way through starting a lifestyle blog on all things stylish and all matters of shopping importance, that they are going to experience a dry spell? It really can’t be that hard?

But even though I have recently been literally “wearing less and going out more” as that familiar Drake line goes on Hotline bling, I now get to shop a little bit more in this month of August right when Spring/Summer is nearly out of the shop floors and there are exciting new bits coming in for next season Autumn/Winter. Sometimes patience has its rewards.

But I also get to look back a little wishful and all, that I had not bought that pair of Palazzo Pants from the Massimo Dutti this summer?

Sticking a whole lot of closely to my self-confessed ‘perfect guide to guilt free shopping’, I tend to leave behind in the stores what I have no plans of wearing to any particular place. And these beautiful blue trousers just happened to fall into that category. Sometimes being patient means no pants. So bear that in mind, all you non-nudists.

The Massimo Dutti, both for these blessed blue pants and other reasons, has been a firm favourite of mine this season and they feature in my last wardrobe update, so chances are you will probably be seeing and hearing more from me about them.

Cherieby d

For now though, here is a peek at their recent Limited edition collection, which I’ve been tweeting my love for.


Limited Edition Massimo Dutti'17 h

As we get to just the last month or so of summer, hope you’ve all been able to squeeze as much fun, love, shopping and light out of these past few months of long days!



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