Good Vibes

Good Vibes

Wondering where I’ve been these past few weeks?

Do I even get to keep my #teamblogger badge without finessing the art of posting regularly and sharing all of the exciting things going on around me?

Well, all of these are important questions for another day #clickbait.

But for now, here’s a little reflective something for you, which partly goes back to those questions, because believe it or not, even when I’m not writing on here, I am frantically gathering stories, and ideas, and thoughts to make one perfect post.

Today, I shared a bit of a tongue in cheek tweet about ‘positive space’.

Cherieby c

And however jokey it was, it was pretty key to both how my weeks have played out and also the theme of this post. 

As increasingly this week, I have stumbled on even more people, discussions, and poignant reminders of how universal life’s themes can be. How we can each experience life over completely different events to each other, but how, what these boil down to emotionally is a connecting theme for all of us.

I’m sure we’ve all at some point or another, experienced what it is to feel happy, or sad, optimistic, or defeated.

Well, whether we are happy, or sad, disappointed or otherwise; I’ve found that the right environments can hugely influence what we know to do / can do in any of those different emotional states.

Presentation b

And certainly listening to the relatable wisdom of these inspirational sisters helps. Jade and Leia on the Gettin Grown podcast have been an encouraging voice through my week, and I found myself getting fully swept into their overall vibe of positivity and #realtalk.


*sprinkles black girl magic to present this soundcloud staple on the blog*

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