Beauty Update

Two posts in two days?!

I can’t believe it either.

It seems my head is in a screwed on, no 99 problems to worry about, state. And this probably has something to do with getting some good good … face loving this week (lol, you thought it was something else).


Facials, sound like something from a Beverly Hills yummy mummy’s playbook, so as you can imagine, I hadn’t really looked to them as the solution to the skin problems I’d developed over this year.

As with most spas that you get in urban areas as opposed to some rural retreat type area; because it’s hardly some natural paradise, there is a lot of effort put into the luxury of the environment. Thread counts and all.

And that is exactly what this was with the French beauty brand Clarins.

And although, their products don’t quite work for my skin (we’ll come back to the skin topic in the latter part of this post. The entire branding experience was so worth every penny of the price tag.


Cherieby c (1)Cherieby c


So back to skin and some good ole’ beauty wisdom.

I’ve previously mentioned, the beauty space can feel a little clogged with information, but as I will hopefully explain, it is potentially vital information.


The skin problem guys.

I, after 25 strong years of guaranteed resilient skin, suffered a sort-of skin break-out, not acne, but still very serious for me.

I will go into detail to describe the details of this because with skincare the specifics matter.

After my Lagos trip and the odd issue here or there, my skin really started to suffer:

  • Dry sections of my face
  • Rashes / teeny tiny bumps all over my face
  • The odd pimple with no hormonal activity ( I was basically on my periods for two months, judging from my spots)

It kind of pains me to remember how really upset I was about this actually, I mean first world problems much? But perhaps more upsetting was not knowing where to start and feeling altogether very nervous about seeking the right help from beauty counters. Sales pitches and all.



But anyhow.

So the solutions.

SPECIFICALLY, the solutions against the issues my skin was presenting and, which have worked the most favourably have been a combination of switching up my routine and product, with more on the routine side.

Finding out / Getting help

As I have said the world of beauty advice is really packed full and this is a good thing.

I stuck to checking out people who had presented the same issues as I had, some of my favourite influencers and seeing what solutions they used on their skin. I used this avenue for most of my product recommendations.

In extremes, it obviously will pay to see a professional, a regular doctor to begin with and perhaps a dermatologist afterwards.

No-makeup (makeup)

By makeup I mean the flawlessly applied second face of foundation, we often rely upon for that extra glow and health in our faces.

Whilst not very difficult for me, it was still very awkward to not be able to cover up these problem areas of my skin. It felt like the first place most people look?!

So not to be too drastic, I would recommend fewer layers of foundation perhaps, or a simple mineral powder, or other plant-based foundation products.

Cleaning out

I realised that whilst some of those all time favourite products might be hard to part with.

This was actually my favourite plan to execute, I realised there was a problem somewhere and I was only going to figure it out through a process of elimination.

Simplicity is often key to begin with; this way you are more aware of the effect one product might be having on your skin without any interference from other products.

Vitamin – E

And finally, vitamin e.

So this is the only product plug really for the SPECIFIC skin issues I was presenting.

I felt like a lot of natural based products definitely came to my aid. And whilst they lack in some areas, for example, there isn’t the miracle overnight effect that I am used to from my former luxury beauty products.

But they did a lot to calm and heal my skin, granted this has been over an extended period of time.

And well dare I say it but beauty advice is actually up there on what a lot of us really need?

Both on the holistic side of things but also on the practical side of things so please, please, please guys do not leave this page without equally sharing some of your advice, it’ll help someone (me and the millions of others like me).

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