A poignant life-lesson of my being twenty-something

May – July is the usual western education ‘schools-out-season’, think exams, graduation, and holidays.

So we figured we’d take some time to get some life-styled learning in the mix. A sort-of continuation to that last ‘twenty-something’ post; as it was really my brother who influenced the direction of this, as he shared some of his completely natural growing-up anxieties. Specifically of ‘not knowing what comes next’.

You see, in my own not-so-long lived life, I’ve also been exactly preoccupied with the same anxieties as my brother, luckily in true fashion to being a little older (only a little older), I think it’s an anxiety that I have mostly gotten over and onto better things after.

But first, what is your greatest fear?

Well, mine is getting life wrong.

Now don’t worry, I got to think about mine for ages, so I could streamline it, as the more I thought about it the more I realised I had lots of fears.

Lots of fears, in that general ones like a natural disaster on the scale of ‘day after tomorrow’, alongside some deeply personal and maybe some little irrational ones like being the most underdressed.

Looking at fears comes up as I come to a point in my life where I realise that as much as we go through life, and take in from life, experiences from the outside to the inside, there is an equally important ecosystem of life that takes place in our thoughts even before we begin to act on them.


Something on fear, Something on hope.

So let’s get personal.

I like to think I’m not usually afraid, but as I brought up earlier I do have my numerous fears. And my reasoning behind my not being afraid despite having these fears boils down to the fact that despite my fears, I will usually not make my decisions based on said fears.

I think most people are like that.

So for me, when I committed what I felt for a while was the greatest offence ever committed in the history of first-world millennial offences and against the knowledge of my patron saint  Michelle Obama. A definite re-living of one of my fears, getting bad grades just at the end of my spotless academic record, it was still pretty natural for me to pick up and just move on from it.

Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t very happy about it.

But I wasn’t afraid to go on. It later came as such a surprise, how much more affected I was in the days that followed by the constant slaps on the wrist I would get for refusing to be bowed down by this fear of bad exam grades, it seemed as though others were reinforcing that greatness of this my fear, and in my mind that left space for not a lot else.

I realise that whilst we might confront a fear in our actions, sometimes our mind still holds onto a slightly more subtle version of that fear in which we aren’t really free.

And that I feel that is the real trouble with fear, when nestled so deep in our minds that it doesn’t wait to present itself at some crossroads, or at the boundaries of a life changing decision, instead it does so in slowly chipping away and limiting what should really be our most open, and limitless weapon. And making our minds a little less free.

My solution? Make your mind a sanctuary, the one place that your wildest imaginations and most beautiful dreams come to life.

From your mind into your actions, the world will be a better place for it.

Presentation b 23.18.52

p.s. Please try for the really cool, politically correct dreams, no world-domination. Signed the human people of earth who quite like sharing a.k.a we socialists

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