Lagos, Nigeria

Well, like some unfortunate plot twist in a horror movie – which I never watch – this seasonally optimistic fashionista, left home everyday this week, completely clad in her Spring/Summer 17 wardrobe choices. Only to find she might as well have gone out naked.

As expected of the Great British Weather, I was rained on, hail-stoned on, winded out of my skin despite weather forecasts for slightly warmer temperatures; so why don’t we cast out minds back to delightful wonderful beautiful Lagos Sunshine!


Lagos, this historic former capital of coast sitting Nigeria, is in the west of Africa; economically a part of the SubSaharan African region; culturally rich and diverse; and personally my home for the first decade of my (very old) life.

So of-course I am just the tiniest – overflowing – bit excited about bringing you up close and personal with this looming and crazy Giant of Africa, not in landmass but in sheer importance; setting trends, generating scandal – a coup d’etat every half a century doesn’t hurt – and just generally bustling with activity at every corner.

Non-idyllic? Yes. Crazier than batshit crazy? Yes. Not a usual comfort zone for the type of exploring and romantic travel spots I’d usually be very drawn to? Nope. But fun? Absolutely yes.

But first ‘Welcome to Lagos’.

Become a Lagos Local

Welcome. But don’t expect just any old welcome. Expect to be swept into unending liveliness. You’re now a local. But if you need introducing into what this means, there’s tonnes of literature commenting on just what life in this city all means and locals are all to eager to share, see  vlogs, blogs and the likes.


Uber it

Amongst the many outside influences you expect to take root so quickly and effectively in such a chaotic environment, Uber is hardly up there on the list. But it works brilliantly, with it’s still debatable small business model for it’s network of drivers. One thing you come to find is how industrious and entrepreneurial the environment is in Lagos. A supplier for every type of trade.


Be late

I am not exactly sure how things ever come to happen in Lagos?

But know you absolutely do not need to rush anywhere?


Celebrate with someone

With ‘God knows’ how many weddings every single Saturday? It’s no surprise that the saying here goes “Ain’t no party like a Lagos party”. People, like myself, travel the globe to reach our final destination in Lagos of many such parties.



Against a backdrop of colour and vibrance and great sunlight, you will have every opportunity to be outdoors, so go out there and obtain that selfie glow whilst sipping on the freshest fruit cocktails and traditional delicacies.


Some of what Lagos offers the rest of the world; chaos, liveliness, and legendary traffic jams. But best of all an inimitable spirit!

Eko o ni baje!

Long live Lagos!



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