Wardrobe Update: Summer Jam

Summer is actually my jam.

And a final style post for the time being is here! Something of a recurring theme throughout our posts is for me to dip into all these different life themes for myself and still run back into the loving embrace of a great dress.

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 22.11.49

This dress completely reminded of everything to wish and long for in summer and is one of the reasons I am so in love with the Spanish savants and retailer Mango at the moment.

Although now, I’m presently sat staring at a tape measure for other – secrets you’ll soon find out – project plans.

But still, it’s been a few weeks or more than that, since I got back from Lagos and started putting together what new pieces I would update my wardrobe with this season. And in-fact it was actually because I had just returned sun-kissed and in love with a big bright sun that I went straight into shopping Spring/Summer 17.


Which reminds me, I still owe you a travel guide to my birth city and recent travel destination, so that takes next post position.

But whilst there are all of these blossoms, and pastels, and colour, and skin-baring which make this season an absolute delight to shop in, I have stuck very closely to basics sneaking in one piece from my last Spring/Summer shop. And falling in love with high street collections along the way.


This season, rather than my first seasonal wardrobe guide, it feels more authentic to talk about the retailers’ collections I feel are worth a look at currently.


As I mentioned earlier, I have recently fallen in love with this brand – scarcity of other lovers – and I don’t know why they have been so previously overlooked. They’re the Spanish savants of quality and easy Spring/Summer looks.


Basics. Need I say more?


Basically also basics but in a quintessentially British way. Whatever Spring/Summer means in a British sense of the word, you’ll be sure to find it here.

Massimo Dutti

I am sure the irony is not lost on anyone who knows me but I’m all grown up now; so this big sister brand of the ever famous Zara is exactly what I need right now, and I think you’ll find you do too. Their Spring/Summer collection is airy breezy and beautiful. Full of key pieces.


Somewhat mixed feelings. This season I have bought plenty but kept nothing in apparel from this retailer, as I’ve not quite found the right things for myself. But as usual, there is always plenty more where that comes from especially online. So be sure to check-out their very fresh vibes Holiday collection.

And for more of the true to the ‘spirit of this season’ picks, hopefully, our Pinterest board does the job.





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