Who? Where? When?

And another again. Another stylish takeover that is.

I’d meant to follow on immediately from that last post with more of the ‘fresh and just been sun-kissed’ feel of spring. Wardrobe update and all. But what can I say?

“I’m still nearly almost done with my  Spring/Summer’17 wardrobe update” #famouslastwordsofashopaholic

But as a token of my being too damn good to you, just for the eventual street cred status, I have another useful hint for you to take along with you on your next trip to the shops or just general online shopping bag action.

cherieby-b-2It’s a simple three question approach to getting to the bottom of acquiring stylish additions for your wardrobe.

Cherieby d (1)

The first question being ‘Who?’ and centred around the self-image you plan to project and can be drawn from a million different things like who you look up to in the style stakes or who you plan to be spending your time with.

The second question being ‘Where?’ and centred around your current/future plans. Will you be going anywhere special? Do you expect the same old to be happening? Will you be getting plenty or limited use out of your new buy?

And lastly, a third question, asking ‘When’? and centred around how you will build your looks i.e. ‘When I wear this … I will also wear …’.

Ta da.

When it comes to style, it’s sometimes the simplest of things that make all the difference right?



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