A Wardrobe of Nice Things

Welcome back guys, it’s a little early on a Sunday evening for me which is a little different to convention for when I post but I have a few shares today!

I’ve got a spring kick to my step recently as I’ve been having more of what I love. There’s the sunshine, and flowers and now an easier to manage hair/fro which I will talk a little more on later. 


So for today, we will be mostly back on topic! Or what is even on-topic anymore?

So we’ll basically be keeping more in line with the whole stylishly well-informed shopper thing. Similarly to that first golden style rule here which went something along the lines of ‘ being stylish within your comfort zone’; what is convenient for you in spending, or time spent shopping or even stores at your beck and call.

For this second golden rule, I want to break down the myth of the elusive status of being the stylish person.


I think we can all point to that one person in our lives with enviable style who seems to nail it every single time, and even if we don’t have such a person directly; indirectly such a person is only one click away with the rise and rise of the digital influencer #instagrambaddie

And the thing is these guys are as varied and different as they come. Effortlessly wearing gingham one day, and Michelle Obama inspired looks the next!

Soon enough it’s pretty obvious that enviable style is as much ‘what you wear’ as it is ‘how you wear it’. And often it’s simply a matter of paying particular attention to ‘how nice’ whatever you choose to wear, looks.

And that has more to do with having the right combinations, flattering cuts, and feeling confident than anything else.


Cherieby d

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