God of Small Things

First of all get ready for this surprising twist; even though our little title suggests otherwise you might be surprised to find nothing to do with the big G.O.D here. And for context, and posterity, and in-case my mother ever reads this, the reason for this isn’t because I don’t love that big guy/woman/force.

Second of all, and in more related news, I noticed on my latest trip that the iPhone front-facing camera is in fact, a huge con, an insult to photographic intelligence really. I mean was it designed to functionally create images or is it a sun succubus?

You see a major part of my day to day functioning is dependent on my Apple products; finding the gif I saved to my macbook on my phone, continuing where I left off on Safari, switching devices and not losing a single thing since 2010, all thanks to iCloud, holla. And all of the benefits of working across multiple Apple products.

That is until over the last few weeks.

During these past few weeks I caught what I have now coined as the “not enough” bug.

You know those days when there’s not enough of anything that you need to create your perfectly imagined happy ending. Case in point, when that few percent battery charge on your iPhone fails to hold for the law-required few hours it usually would. Now you’re left stranded, no phone, no UBER and actual miles from the nearest form of public transport. Wait for the twist … you also have a 3 year old toddler (on loan) on your arm.

Or after a long and sweaty and intense few minutes walk to the bakers (I mean you took the stairs), they’ve suddenly run out of everything chocolat-ey and bread-ey.

Well, as your patron saint of hard truths and real talk, I’d like you to know that at times as this, even before you are done feeling sorry for yourself, Daffodils will still bloom brightly and in yellow, irrespective of what mother nature decides to throw their way.

Cherieby c

On a more serious note though; at times as this, forgetting about the things outside of our control can sometimes be freeing. Sometimes a little faith in the unknown is all it takes to clear out the noise and focus on the most important things at hand. 

Presentation b


But remember you take my advice at your peril.



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