Activewear, 30 under 30

Disclaimer: You might find that after a whole lot of exercising or thinking of exercising, food becomes all that you can think about. However, there is no food included with this post. Sorry, not sorry.

Much unlike my very upbeat and optimistic last post, my year actually never quite got off to a great start as I had been hoping.

To elaborate, the plans I had looked forward to, the people I had depended on, the hopes I had had into the new year, well much of that ended up being dashed to shreds and we are only on day 18/365.

But there’s been such an abundance of silver linings, and my optimism and ‘upbeatness’ feels strangely untouched. It’s not that I don’t have the same hopes or I now have more limited expectations but the odd unexpectedly pleasant circumstances keep cropping up and for a girl like me it all feels very much like fate. Like the good is meant to go with the bad. At least just for the moment.

And on a trivial example of the good and the bad, please pree my current #beyhive membership card below.


Ivy Park is the special Beyhive membership only Park.


Ivy Park is the eponymous activewear brand of living breathing extraordinary talent and powerhouse Beyoncé but named after her daughter. Beyoncé has a hive of bees and I am but one humble bumble bee. But this isn’t about that lol (I am struggling to resist making it about that)

Activewear – as we all know – over the years has pretty much established itself as a more widely useful apparel category than it’s title would suggest, I mean it’s very much a ‘look’ these days as opposed to a means to the end of exercising. And with every lifestyle media outlet from Elle to GQ to retailer editorials reminding us that the post-holiday glut has now come to an end, and we must tighten our belts and apparently our glutes as well, I feel duty-bound to make it all a little less painful a process for us all.

So here is a round-up of my favourite picks from e-commerce giant Asos sporting (see what I did there, boy I’m good) a mixture of big names like Nike and Adidas, as well as just basic useful activewear alternatives

Ivy Park stockists in the England, include Net-A-Porter in the atelier of the luxury brands and Topshop repping the high-street.



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