New year, do something new


So this Sunday I was having a bit of a laugh at my own expense instead of coming on here to blog (Yes yes, priorities). But I was basically commenting on my overly indulgent selfie habits.

And now through this week, having a huge clear-up and back-up of my images across my devices onto my cloud storage, I am realising just how abusive I have been of this newfound opportunity to blog in taking countless photos. A blessing and a curse you could say with my now dealing with the aftermath of this.

Life is like that, isn’t it? Sometimes leaving us in the face of an unintended and unplanned for aftermath, don’t worry no deep philosophical ramblings this time round (I have got one cooking in the works though). However, in this instance of Ebun’s blessing and curse, I am decidedly feeling more blessed which I talk a little on in this post here, blessed specifically with regards to being able to blog, and even to my amassing a photo collection to rival Getty images (lol). 

The timeline of this my photo collection felt in a way like markers on a journey, I mean I could remember the very first shots I took for this blog, which were actually test-shots in preparation for when I could pay a real photographer to take real editorial shots because I didn’t want any old blog. To now realising I much prefer a blog feel that is easily relatable. Or further back still on this timeline to well before last year, when I established that I was constantly being surrounded by beautiful things and I just had to try to learn to capture this as best as I could which led to a good photo stock that I keep on my Flickr page for actual professional use (award winning photojournalist right hurr).

See, life is – as is often remarked upon in many Hollywood greats – a journey. And I think that as with all journeys it’s better to start enjoying them sooner rather than later and for me in this new year my encouragement to you is to start the journey with the new things you’ve always wanted to do now, sooner rather than later.

And on that note and in wishing you a happy new year, I am also wishing you and me even, a wonderful time enjoying the journey that is sure to be 2017, new things and all!




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